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Pcpark Japan, a newly established retail and wholesale outlet managed and operated under AYKH TRADING and ARADEN TRADING CORPORATION. A Filipino-Japanese company engaged in the importation, trading & distribution of the wide array of used electronics and digital items as well as any quality Japanese product that is worthwhile of being known and heard. Our company focuses not only on the typical of attracting customer on different marketing agendas and sales. Propaganda. Pcpark Japan is dedicated to build upon legacy not just to bridge the gap between the environmental conversation and responsibility but also touching the Filipino lives by nurturing the quality of electronics lifestyle of the Filipino family.

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Considered to be man’s paradise, Pcpark Japan is a one-stop-shopping electronics retailer over thousands of high-tech products. It provides store across Manila and provides products that embody the latest technological trends and electronic advances. Each location sells services & supports electronic products.

Pcpark Japan also offers personal electronics, convenience products. Pcpark Japan prides itself on employing a friendly & knowledgeable staff who can answer any question you have about their merchandise. You can literally lose yourself in this electronics haven for hours.

    Our Main thrust Areas

  • Electronic products - a range of Television, PS2, PSX and PSP W/ Accessories, LCD Monitor, and IBM Laptop.
  • Musical / Electronic products - Arcade, Stereo Amplifier, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Guitar Amplifier.
  • Other products - Modern Bicycles, Speaker, VHS Player and Fishing Reel

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    Mission and Vision | The AYKH Group Phils. | The ARADEN TRADING CORP. Group Phils.

PC Park Japan , A well established retail and wholesale outlet managed and operated under the AYKH TRADING and ARADEN TRADING CORPORATION, A Filipino-Japanese company engaged in the importation, trading and distribution of the wide array of used electronic and digital items as well as any quality japanese product that is worthwhile of being known and heard. Our company focuses not only on the typical art of attracting customer on different marketing agendas and sales propagandas. We are not here to penetrate the market with too much promotions of unprecedented sales gimmicks, techniques, and falsehood promises driven by the desire of winning the market stage and create money out of it. We simply want to be on help. We simply want to share. We simply want to create business that gives essence and value in every aspects that we do. Aspects and responsibility that we as humans, almost neglect in lour lives. Because of our too much self centered interest and ambitions we tend to forget essential reason of our existence.

We are responding to the quest for innovative way of creating and developing harmonious way of doing business with human creation and environmental obligation. Our aim and goal is to provide ways and means to lessen the main issue that affects the way we live and the way we treat our environment.

Our main philosophy is to pursue our best on providing quality used electronic item to help the vast consumer finds a better understanding and alternative ways on purchasing technological product with the low cost and high quality good performance items while giving our environment a proper cycle of conservation thru the re-distribution process of used item to each and every engaged customer of our target market.

Our company earned a solid reputation as a group in the leading edge of offering the Filipino consumer a quality trusted brands, incomparable customer service and the product warranty that gives confidence to our campaign.

As we participate to develop our own way of saving environmental issues, we also create affordable means of uplifting technological innovation advancement of the greater number of Filipinos.

PCPARK JAPAN is definitely in full swing, utilizing this alternative new concept of creating satisfaction to each and every valued customer of our crusade, making that is not yet fully tapped by other used electronic shops.

Our team is dedicated to build our own legacy not just to bridge the gap between the environmental conservation and responsibility but also touching the Filipino lives by nurturing the quality of electronic lifestyle of the Filipino family.

Home Our Mission and Vision Statements

Environmental problems have become so complex that many individuals feel they can have no effect on them. Problems like global warming, hazardous waste, loss of rain forests, endangered species, acid rain, the ozone layer, the municipal waste crisis can fell out of control. At the very least, these problems require group and corporate action or government intervention.

Our finite reserves of natural resources are being depleted rapidly. By reducing the amount of energy used by industry, recycling also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps prevent global climate change. This is because much of the energy used in industrial processes and in transportaion involves burning fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel and coal, the most important sources of carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. Reprocessing or re-distributing used products to make new products and packaging reduces the consumption of natural resources.

Recycling or reusing is far more than a local waste management strategy; it is also an important strategy for reducing the environmental impacts of industrial production.

    Our Corporate Mission

    : : Primary

"To re-distribute and supply quality used product to the market in-order to lessen the production of all big industrial manufacturer. Lessen the use of natural resources, energy and other environmental raw production materials. In this way we in PCPARK JAPAN, can help preserve our natural resources and saves environmental conditions as well as saves human life."

    : : Secondary

"To provide quality yet affordable products to serve the unmeet customer needs in terms of value, performance and credibilty."

    : : Our Vision

"To WIDEN the reach of supply of the used product to create wider ingenuity re-distribution process that will balance harmonious benefits between consumer and environment."

Home The AYKH Group Philippines

Home The ARADEN TRADING CORP. Group Phils.

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Home Technical Support

As team, AYKH group technical support and maintenance professionals are always focused on providing the best support to the clients on 90% services. But that’s just a small percentage of what they provide to our client.

We are a company that has grown tremendously in the past years. With a proven track record, we are geared towards growing further. We are members of the illustrious body.

Competitive, well developed technology and a team that is highly computer literate & electronics experts are the foundations of our strength. The wide span of our expertise across electronics enable us to handle any kind of electronics requirements.

Reading these write-ups will give an understanding as to why AYKH technical support sis not just another development solutions provider but one of that believes in building a long term relationship with you.

Home Career

We have the most progressive people developed for electronics, marketing & public services today. We focused also on developing Filipino job-seekers for the human resource demand of electronic company.

ARADEN TRADING CORP. and AYKH TRADING Group headquarters in Manila works with marketing of electronics appliances from Japan. To date, ARADEN and AYKH both trained & re-trained over hundred of applicants and has helped of them acquire jobs in the company as well.

: : Job Opportunity

Sales and Marketing Staff

23 to 32 yrs old
College Level / College Grad
Determined and Aggressive
Preferably with Sales Experience

Apply in person with your updated resume

Human Resource Department
AYKH Group Philippines

Contact person : Ms. Michelle B. Palmes

Home Product Categories


Film Camera



Dell CPU

Upright Piano




Musical Instruments

Folding Table Green

Folding Table Green (Folded)


17inch Sharp LCD TV (Front)

17inch Sharp LCD TV (Back)

Tama Drumset

Boss Guitar Multi Effects

Guitar Effects

Mavis Electric Guitars

Bedside Cabinet with 13' TV & 20 liters chiller

Anime Figures

  LCD Monitor Section : :

Dell    IBM    Mitsubishi    Sharp    Sony    HP    Sony Vaio    Eizo    BenQ    Viewsonic    IIyama    NEC  
Toshiba    Gateway    Hitachi    Fujitsu    La Bros    Studioworks    Sotec    Samsung    LG    Adtec   
Eyama    Hyvision    Cardinal    Nfren    Greenhouse    i-Vista    I-O Data
Product No.
Product Name
Product Description
    Dell Lcd Monitor
E151FPb Dell 15 inches - Black
E151FP Dell 15 inches - Black
1503Fp Dell 15 inches - Black
1503FP Dell 15 inches - Black
1504FP Dell 15 inches - Black
 Dell  15 inches - Black
 Dell  15 inches - Black
1703FPs Dell 17 inches - Black
1703FPT Dell 17 inches - Black
E172FPb Dell 17 inches - Black
E177FPc Dell 17 inches - Black
1800FP Dell 17 inches - Black
E171FPb Dell 17 inches - Black
W1700  Dell lcd TV  17 inches - Gray
    IBM Lcd Monitor
L170p IBM 17 inches - Black
 9512-DHO IBM  15 inches - Yellowish
    Mitsubishi Lcd Monitor
RDT-152X-L Mitsubishi  15 inches - Black
RDT153LM Mitsubishi 15 inches - Black
RDT171LM Mitsubishi 17 inches - Black
RDTI91S Mitsubishi 19 inches - Black
    Sharp LCD Monitor
LL-172G-W Sharp  17 inches - White
    HP LCD Monitor
L1925  HP 19 inches - Silver/Black 
    Eizo LCD Monitor
L565 Eizo 17 inches - Black
15 inches - Black
    BENQ LCD Monitor
 Q7T3  BenQ 17 inches - White
FP731  BenQ 17 inches - Black
     Viewsonic LCD Monitor
VE150b Viewsonic 15 inches - White
    IIyama LCD Monitor
 E430S  IIyama 17 inches - Black
    Fujitsu LCD Monitor
VL-150VA Fujitsu 15 inches - White
    Hyvision LCD Monitor
MV153AS Hyvision 15 inches - White 
     Compaq LCD Monitor
 1501  Compaq
 15 inches- Silver

  Music Section : :

Electric Guitar       Bass Guitar       Electric Amplifier       Stereo Amplifier       Speakers
Product No.
Product Name
Product Description
    Electric Guitar
1610  Fender Telecaster(out of stock)
  Yamaha Stratocaster(out of stock
  Fernandes Stratocaster
  Aria Pro II Stratocaster
  Ibanez Stratocaster(out of stock)
   Legend  Stratocaster
  Photogenic Stratocaster
  Buskers Stratocaster
  Selder Stratocaster
  Vision Stratocaster
  Sammick Stratocaster
  Greco Stratocaster(out of stock)
  Session Stratocaster
  Grass Roots Stratocaster(out of stock)
   Charvel  Stratocaster(out of stock)
  Synsonics Stratocaster
  Flavor Stratocaster
  No Brand Stratocaster
    Base Guitar
 1620 Aria Pro II  Red  
   Fernandes Blue 
   Mavis Black (out of stock)
   FRS Black(out of stock)
   Mass Appeal  Dirty White(out of stock)
   Ibanez Black(out of stock)
   Yamaha Black(out of stock)
   Legend Black(out of stock)
   Photogenic Black
    Electric/Base Amplifier
 1630 Marshall  40 watts - Black
  Roland 28 watts - Black
42 watts - Black 
   Yamaha Ar 1500 25 watts - Black 
  Aria Pro II  10 watts - Black 
  Fernandes 30 watts - Black
  Fernades 35 watts - Black
   Fernandes 22 watts - Black
   Fernandes 18 watts - Black
  Piggy  15 watts - Black 
   Greco 10 watts - Black 
  Guyatone  18 watts - Black 
   Whats 38 watts - Black
  Kgarage  8 watts - Black 
  Photogenic  10 watts - Black 
   Target 18 watts - Black 
   Edwards 15 watts - Black
    Stereo Amplifier

 TA-434 Sony 55 watts - Silver 
 TA-F500 Sony 50 watts - Silver
 A-912 Onkyo 100 watts - Silver 
 AX-500  Yamaha 170 watts - Black
 PMA-390  Denon 118 watts - Black
 SU-V40  Technics 125 watts - Black
 SU-3150  Technics 50 watts - Black
 SU-8055  Technics  100 watts - Silver
 HA-38  LO-D 85 watts - Silver
 HA-170  LO-D 40 watts - Silver
 JA-G8 Victor 70 watts - Silver
JA-S31  Victor  100 watts - Silver 
AV-300 II  Nec  165 watts - Black 
 XB-V90 Toshiba 150 watts - Black 
 AU-1500  Sansui  58 watts - Black
 DC-5 Otto 47 watts - Silver
 DA-UG40  Diatone  100 watts - Silver
Pioneer     70 watts - Black     
NS-5X  YAMAHA  140 watts - Black
 DS-35B  DIATONE  80 watts - Brown
70 watts - Black
40 watts - Black 
     Musical Keyboard
 Casio  Yellow/White
CTK-450  Casio  Black
 CF-647  Casio  Black
 Casio  Black
 Yamaha Black

  Game Section : :

 PS2 Modified Thick     PS2 Modified Slim       PS2 HDD       PS2 Accesories       PSP Thick      PSP Slim
Product No.
Product Name
Product Description
    PS2 Modified Thick
 1510  Playstation 2 Thick 30,000 series
    37,000 series(out of stock)
    39,000 series(out of stock)
    PS2 Modified Slim
 1520  Playstation 2 Slim 70,000 series
    77,000 series(out of stock)
     PS2 With HDD
 1530  Playstation 2 Thick 30,000 series and up
  Playstation 2 Slim 70,000 series
    PS2 Accesories
 1540  Playstation 2 Accs Dual Shock Control
    Driving Set Control
    Gun Set Control
    Wireless Controller
    PSP Thick
 1550  PSP 1000 Series(out of stock)
    PSP  Slim
 1560  PSP  2000 Series(out of stock)
   Playstation2  DESR 7000

  Arcade Section : :

Product No.
Product Name
Product Description
 1410  PS2 Gaming Set       160gb Hard Disk

  CPU Section : :

Product No.
Product Name
Product Description
 1310  CPU  Dell Pentium 4 (GX260)

  Minor Products : :

Product No.
Product Name
Product Description

  Japan Mountain Bike
 1210  Bicycle Ireton
   Bicycle  GW
   Bicycle Iselcourt
   Bicycle No brand
   Bicycle Trader
   Fishing Reel  
  Fishing Rod
 HR-L1  Victor  Silver
 VZ-H201  Sanyo  Silver
 VZ-H2800  Sanyo  Black
 NV-H5  Panasonic  Black
 HV-BS870  Mitsubishi  Silver
 HV-F82  Mitsubishi  Black
 A-52G  Toshiba  Black
 SLV-R150  Sony  Silver
 SLV-FX1  Sony  Black

  Television Section : :

Mugen Tv    Sony    Panasonic    Toshiba     Victor     Sharp     Aiwa   Victor    Toshiba Bazooka   
Product No.
Product Name
Product Description
 1110   Mugen TV 
   Mugen  14 inches - Black
   Mugen  21 inches - Black
Sony TV 
  Sony  14 inches - Black
   Sony  21 inches - Black
  Sony  25 inches - Black
  Sony  29 inches - Black
     Panasonic TV
  Panasonic 14 inches - Black 
  Panasonic   18 inches - Black
  Panasonic  19 inches - Black
  Panasonic  20 inches - Black
  Panasonic  21 inches - Black
  Panasonic   25 inches - Black
  Panasonic   29 inches - Black
     Toshiba TV
   Toshiba 14 inches - Black 
   Toshiba  21 inches - Black
     Victor TV
   Victor 29 inches - Black 
     Sharp TV
  Sharp 14 inches - Black
  Sharp   18 inches - Black
  Sharp   19 inches - Black
  Sharp   20 inches - Black
  Sharp   21 inches - Black
  Sharp   25 inches - Black
  Sharp   29 inches - Black
     Aiwa TV
   Aiwa  14 inches - Black
   Aiwa 18 inches - Black 
   Aiwa  19 inches - Black
   Aiwa  20 inches - Black
   Aiwa  21 inches - Black
   Aiwa  25 inches - Black
     Toshiba Bazooka
  Toshiba Bazooka  25 inches - Black 
  Toshiba Bazooka 29 inches - Black
     Sanyo TV
   Sanyo  14 inches - Black
   Sanyo  18 inches - Black
   Sanyo  19 inches - Black
   Sanyo  20 inches - Black
   Sanyo  21 inches - Black
   Sanyo  25 inches - Black
     Mitsubishi TV
   MItsubishi  14 inches - Black

  Laptop Section : :

A31 Series     T40 Series    R40E Series    G41 Series     R40 Series    G40 Series      T30 Series  
X31 Series       R31 Series        R32 Series       X21 Series       X23 Series
Product No.
Product Name
Product Description
  2881-SGJ   IBM   G41 Series(out of stock)
  2656-HIJ   IBM   R31 Series
  2658-MJJ  IBM   R32 Series
  2366  IBM   T30 Series
  2672-BIJ  IBM   X31 Series
 2662-E3J  IBM   X23 Series
 2662-65J  IBM  X21 Series(out of stock)
 2662-64J  IBM                 X21 Series
2652-33J  IBM   A31 Series
 2652-K4J  IBM  A31 Series(out of stock)
2373-GGJ  IBM   T40 Series
 2373-HIJ  IBM  T40 Series
 2388-7ZJ  IBM  G40 Series
2388-SEJ  IBM  G40 Series
 IBM  G41 Series
2681-DUJ  IBM  R40 Series
2681-GCJ  IBM  R40 Series
 2681-2CS  IBM  R40 Series
 2681-DKJ  IBM  R40 Series(out of stock)
 2681-2CJ  IBM  R40 Series
 2681-BHJ  IBM  R40 Series
 2684-RJO  IBM  R40E Series
 2684-RJO  IBM  R40E Series
 2684-RJO  IBM  R40E Series
2684-RJO  IBM  R40E Series
 2684-QOJ  IBM  R40E Series
 2684-QDJ  IBM  R40E Series
 2684-CFJ  IBM  R40E Series(out of stock)

Contact Info

N5 343 Poblete Compound, West Service Road, Brgy Sun Valley, Paranaque City, Philippines
Tel. No: 330-3150
Telefax: 776-4062
Open Monday to Saturday
From 9:00am to 6:00pm


Makati Cinema Square, Unit F1b, Mezzanine Level, Don Chino Roces Ave.,Makati City, Philippines
Tel. No: 856-57-61
Open Monday to Sunday
From 10:00am to 8pm

Space #0167 U/GF New Farmers Plaza Araneta Center Socorro 3,Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No: 376-68-05
Open Monday to Sunday
From 10:00am to 9pm

G-40 & G-41 G/F Good Earth Plaza Bldg. Bustos St.,Sta Cruz Manila
Tel. No: 666-18-38
Open Monday to Sunday
From 9:00am to 7pm

Space 14B 2nd floor, Victory Central Mall, Caloocan City
Tel. No: 09084977278 or 09158975052
Open Monday to Sunday
From 10:00 am to 9pm


Home Ordering Details & Order Support

To all of our clients who wished to place an order thru this website please follow the guidelines listed below:

   1. Choose any item category of product you want to view
   2. From the product category choose the specific brand and model of your choice
   3. click the order button item of the selected specific model
   4. order form will automatically appear on the page and the specific item model will be automatically encoded in the form.
   5. Complete the information needed in the order form
   6. click submit order and wait for the email confirmation of the order.

  Delivery Details : :

Courier Description Freight Type Metro Manila Luzon Visayas Mindanao
FAST PAK 1st 3 kilos Air (box)   P150 P130 P130
  Excess/kilo Air (box)   P35 P32 P35
  Valuation Charge Air (box)   2% 2% 2%
  Days of Delivery Air (box)   2-3 days 2-3 days 2-3 days
  Per Kilo Sea (box)     P12.10 P12.10
  Valuation Charge Sea (box)     1.00% 1.00%
  Days of Delivery Sea (box)     7-10 days 7-10 days
  1st 3 kilos Land (box) P150 P150    
  Excess/kilo Land (box) P25 P25    
  Valuation Charge Land (box) 1% 1%    
  Days of Delivery Land (box) 1 day 5-7 days    
  Small Pouch P65 P70 P70 P70
  Medium Pouch P75 P80 P80 P80
  Large Pouch P110 P120 P120 P120
  Trucking Charge Sea, Air, Land P4/kilometer P4/km P4/km P4/km
JRS 1st 3 kilos Box P100 P100 P130 P150
  Excess/kilo Box P50 P50 P65 P75
  Valuation Charge Box P2/P100 P2/P100 P2/P100 P2/P100
  Insurance Charge Box P8/P100 P8/P100 P8/P100 P8/P100
LBC 1st 3 kilos Box P180 P200 P210 P215
  Excess/kilo Box P60 P65 P70 P75
  Valuation Charge (Box) First P500 P15 P15 P15 P15
    Next P500 P5 P5 P5 P5
  Maximum 3 kilos Pouch P140 P140 P145 P150

Payment Details

For Over-the-counter payment, we are accepting credit cards of any visa and mastercard.
For online transaction payment, we are accepting cash and check deposit only. Check payment is subject for clearing period of 2-3 banking days.
Upon receiving the email order confirmation, the customer may deposit the payment already to this account.

Trading Account No: 2020036696
Branch: Magallanes Branch, Makati
Account type: Savings Account
Trading Account No: 2020052489
Branch: Magallanes Branch, Makati
Account Type: Savings Account

After Deposit Customer shall fax back to us the deposit slip for confirmation.

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